Anhyzer LLC

Having a website is critical for small businesses and organizations but often your budget does not provide for a large consulting firm. This is where I can help you stretch your marketing budget and help you learn the basics to manage a website yourself. From registering a domain name to gathering site statistics, I can set it all up for you or just be on call for questions you may have.

I have been building and optimizing websites since 2000 so I have seen and learned a lot about best practices. I used to code everything from scratch for static websites, but now using existing tools can get you a great looking and effective website in a few hours at minimal expense. I have taught many people the basics of managing a WordPress website and how to use the essential plugins to make a great resource.

Although many things have change in the past few decades, properly written content and usability have remained the most important part of your website. I have a few pages to help you with making your vision into a successful website that creates conversions. Keep it simple and easy to navigate with engaging content, the rest will come in a short time.