Content is King and good content can make or break a website. Years ago content was mainly written text that visitors would read on your website. It is still important for SEO and to get your message out but now well placed pictures and well made videos are becoming just as useful for engaging the visitor.

I write everyday but still need someone to review my content for errors. Having a good copy editor is essential as a second pair of eyes will find mistakes that may be otherwise overlooked. Even a friend with good grammar knowledge helps a lot. Write to your audience and not just to show off your vocabulary skills. All too often people do not write engaging content that is tailored to who they are trying to reach. For this website, I want to cater to a large group of small business owners and organizations so I need to select a vocabulary that most people understand. This is hard when talking about technology so I try to describe things as I go. My copy editor helps me with this, another reason to have someone else look over your work.

Pictures, when used properly, can be an effective marketing tool. For my technical websites I tend to use unrelated pictures because I think pictures of people sitting around a desk boring. So, you will see pictures of my dog or classes I am teaching. People hire me for my knowledge and my ability to convey a message that they can understand so I can be a little silly.

A well made video can also be useful. You need to spend time and probably bring in someone versed in video production. Never post a poorly made video with bad sound, take the time to do it right or not at all. Above all, avoid auto play and load sounds as this will be annoying and potentially a lost client.